A Woman Discusses Her Abortion – On the Campaign Trail

I’m just finding all sorts of interesting stuff on the Inter-tubes today. I guess I need something to do here at the office.

There’s a short article here from none other than that liberal conservative bastion, The Weekly Standard about a woman running for Lt. Governor in Nevada, admitting to having an abortion when she was a teenager.

The article describes her dilemma of being pregnant at 16 and unlike her sisters, who all became pregnant as teenagers, didn’t want to have a child that young. She even asked and received the $200 necessary for the procedure from her father.

I’m guessing somehow this was supposed to be a negative story but I actually don’t see it that way. I’ve re-read the story several times and if it’s supposed to be a hit piece on her campaign, it doesn’t come across that way at all.

Is discussing having an abortion supposed to be a bad thing to have in your past? I know that there are probably some women that would not like to have a detail like that made known to the public, but is there any shame in making this admission?

I believe that most people understand the dilemma of a teenager in these circumstances. The outcome for this woman? She won her primary.

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