Fired for Saying “Have a Blessed Day”? I Don’t Believe It.

I have to say, I was skeptical when I first heard this story yesterday. You know the one about the woman that was fired from a bank for saying “Have a blessed day” to customers.

I was skeptical because that’s not uncommon in society. Why would anyone complain about something as inoffensive as that to her management? Maybe if they were militantly anti-religious, but then I would think the bank would take that in stride. Besides, it’s not necessarily a sectarian phrase.

So she’s suing U.S. Bank because she believes she was “discriminated against for exercising her religious freedoms”.

Well, to begin with, when employed by someone else, no one has the freedom to say or do whatever they want in the workplace. We all have rules we have to abide by in our workplaces. Further, it’s not a violation of her “religious freedoms”. Her employer never told her she couldn’t believe whatever she wanted to believe.

The story becomes a bit murkier at this point. According to U.S. Bank, it seems that customers complained that she was proselytizing to them, asking if they had “accepted Jesus”.

Well, that’s a bit different isn’t it? It goes a lot further than just a friendly phrase. Even though she was warned, it appears she wouldn’t leave her religion out of the workplace. This left her employer no choice.

When I was looking this story up this morning, I was surprised to not find a single story that had the response from the bank. Mostly there were the usual statements about not discussing pending litigation.I finally went through enough stories to find the above links.

Like I said, I was skeptical when I first heard about it and now I think my skepticism is somewhat vindicated. I’m sure the bank has documentation to back up their side of the story. I’d be surprised if she does.

I’ll be interested in seeing where this suit goes, if it isn’t thrown out completely.

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