I’m Surprised it Took this Long

So now the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson has weighed in on the problem of violence in Chicago.

Before I start, let me state for the record that I don’t, nor ever had and respect for Jackson. He’s nothing more than a narcissit and a huckster.

Jackson blames the President for the problem. A lack of funding for his city, I guess. He’s asking for $2 billion for…well it’s unknown but best guess is for some sort of economic development that is somehow going to curb the activity of the drug cartels in south Chicago.

Of course, the mayor, Rahm Emanuel isn’t blaming the president, but “Washington” for “not investing in our kids”.

I’d like to ask both gentlemen what they’d do with the money if congress passed an emergency measure for the $2 billion. More police? What type of economic development would cause the drug gangs to disappear?

This is the problem in our society when people believe that government, I guess in this case by just handing out money, can solve any problem. The problem in Chicago was not created by the federal government, but by local policies that left people on the fringe to the point of not believing they had any other choices.

Is the federal government blameless? No, of course not, but the violence in Chicago is an epidemic that is years in the making. It’s not a problem the federal government, with a handout, can cure overnight.

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