Accusing Others of Playing the Martyr

I wasn’t going to write about this today, but I just can’t help myself.

Early this morning, while scanning over at The Usual Suspects, I ran into this blog and about mid-way through the blog there was what I considered a statement that was so laughable I was unsure whether or not it was worthy of even a few words of derision.

Then my friend Damion tweeted it and after a while of thinking about the statement, I decided I must say at least something.

Here’s the original tweet, in case you missed it:

The real reason I didn’t want to write about it is that I know there’ll be someone that will accuse me of taking the statement out of context, but in my mind this statement, in the context of the entire piece, can stand by itself.

I guess there’s some reason for using the term martyr but does the author realize that this is exactly what we see these Social Justice Warriors practicing on a daily basis?

In case you’re a bit confused, here’s the definition I am using:
a display of feigned or exaggerated suffering to obtain sympathy or admiration

Now it should make more sense. I was trying to figure out whether this qualifies as denialism or not?

One thought on “Accusing Others of Playing the Martyr

  1. Are you saying that PZ Myers regularly claims to be persecuted and considers himself a martyr? Whom of the other so-called social justice warriors are regularly claiming to be oppressed?

    I understood the use of the word martyr in his remarks to be a criticism of Holly Fischer’s remark that “conservatives are becoming more and more afraid to speak up.” She seems to be claiming that conservatives are being persecuted. If she is then she deserves the criticism. Sure, some liberals are verbally aggressive with conservatives. But no more so than some conservatives are with liberals. There is a lot of political bashing going on. But none of it is rightly labeled persecution or oppression.

    Additionally, Ms. Fischer simply is wrong about the founding principles of this nation. The bible is certainly not the source of our founding principles. And it is debatable if gun ownership was a significant founding principle. It certainly is not the one I would choose to highlight in a similar photograph. I think I would have held up a pen and ink jar rather than an assault-style rifle. And I most certainly would have held John Stuart Mills On Liberty in my hand rather than a bible.


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