Et tu, Baseball?

So now there’s going to be a dress code to see a flippin’ baseball game?

Yep, you heard it right. It’s none other than the San Francisco Giants that are about to adopt a dress code for fans to ensure they are not culturally insensitive.

Home run for the Social Justice crowd, I guess. Now that this is probably going to happen with one baseball team, I am curious how long it will be before MLB itself decides to implement dress codes for fans?

2 thoughts on “Et tu, Baseball?

  1. Do you find this stupid because it in some way violates skepticism? I think the more appropriate skeptical approach here is to wait and see what the dress code actually contains.

    Why do you think it stupid to adopt a policy that appears to be designed to reduce conflict and friction between people in the ballpark over cultural issues?

    And why do you claim that this is the doing of the social justice crowd? I read the story. It appears that the stadium management was reacting to a conflict that occurred in the stadium. I did not get the sense from the story that they were being lobbied by any social justice group in particular, or social justice advocates in general, to adopt a culturally sensitive dress code.


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