Good Money for Bad Science

Colorado’s Marijuana law isn’t a year old yet and there are already 2 “studies” showing an increase in fatal crashes with drivers testing positive for pot.

Call me skeptical. Of course the article does state that neither study provides “conclusive evidence”. Well, ain’t that special? How in the world is anyone able to publish a study on a law that’s been enacted for only 6 months?

Both studies are pretty bizarre, In the first study, here’s the takeaway:
But the data the researchers use does not reveal whether those drivers were impaired at the time of the crash or whether they were at fault.

So, this study is good for what exactly? I’m guessing there was some research money involved here and if I were the person/foundation that had granted the money for this study, I’d be pretty pissed-off right now.

The other study is just as idiotic. It has to do with the perception of risk using marijuana. The laugh line here?
But the study’s authors acknowledge that they cannot show Colorado’s marijuana laws are the reason for the shifts in attitudes and use.

I don’t think it’s too early to begin to study the effect of Colorado’s law, but publishing anything at this point is, well, ridiculous. I could see after 2 or 3 years, but after 6 months?

This is not good “science” in my opinion.

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