Two Steps Back

Another take on the Dawkins/Benson “statement” comes from none other than Richard Carrier who is so kind in his take on this it makes me want to forever seek penance for my egregious sins of being anti-feminist.

No, not really. Carrier is a loathsome character that can’t even offer a modicum of generosity toward anyone, especially Dawkins. He describes Dawkins as someone that “up to know has been out-of -touch on the treatment of women in atheism…”

I really doubt that. What Professor Dawkins has been out of touch with are the raving maniacs that have tried to co-opt atheism for their own (material) purposes.

I believe what we’re viewing here is the actual mind of The Usual Suspects. For all the other things written about this magnificent statement, the truth comes out here.

Of course, we’ll be seeing more in the near future. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Two Steps Back

  1. “What Professor Dawkins has been out of touch with are the raving maniacs that have tried to co-opt atheism for their own (material) purposes.”

    I seriously doubt this since it is these very same people whom you and others have criticized for attacking Dawkins and others. Surely he knows about these attacks and who has been behind them. Surely you knew your statement can’t be accurate if, as you say, these same people have attempted to co-opt atheism for their own purposes, given that Dawkins has such a large presence in atheism.

    Since no one owns atheism, and no single person or group speaks for atheism, I am curious to know just what exactly it is you think they are co-opting. They are as free as you to use or not use atheism for whatever platform they so choose. If they want to form an atheist community devoted to the issues that concern them then they are as free to do so as you would be. You and others should no more be telling them not to do that then they should be telling you not to do the same. No one is twisting your arm or in any way forcing you to choose to be a part of the atheist movement they want. This is what I have never understood about those who have criticized those at FtB and Atheism+. You don’t want to be a part of their thing, then don’t be. Atheism is not something that you or anyone else owns. So anyone who wishes to, as you say, “co-opt” it is more than free to do so. You can co-opt some part of it if you like as a platform for your own agenda.


  2. I think comments similar to “Your either with us or against us” & coming across as being the voice of Atheism & constant attacks (Vacula, Grothe, Shermer etc’) on individuals with the intention of them losing their jobs didn’t help. I hope anyone who does decide to use Atheism for their own means, do a better job in the future.


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