The Drama Isn’t Worth The Time

I honestly couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to comment on any of the recent drama or not.

I’m really exhausted by all of the back and forth, grade-school antics that I see coming from what are supposed to be responsible adults. Yes, I admit to having contributed to it somewhat by commenting on various topics in this blog. Oh, and I also know that people just love reading about schism drama more than anything else.

It seems that whenever I write about some nonsense, I have a lot more viewers of this space than when I comment on everyday skepticism. So, of course, for the longest time, I would attempt to sprinkle some of the idiocy in with more mainstream thought in hopes I might get a reaction here or there.

Sometimes it worked, mostly it didn’t. I thought sometimes that I had some really thoughtful posts on various topics (thoughtful for me, anyway) that I considered to be, you know, good stuff. Hardly a nod. That’s okay because I really do write this blog for me; it’s just that when I comment on something stupid in the skeptic/atheist world, that piece draws a lot of interest. It’s like a car wreck where people can’t help but slow down and look at it hoping to see a bloody mess and then are shocked by what they see.

I believe that if more of us that blogged, even those that are constant Twitterers, would ignore the stupid in our midst, not give them the sunshine they’re looking for, then eventually they’ll slink away to the caves they emerged from in the first place. And yes, they only saw the light of day because we wanted them to for our own edification.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be challenged for beliefs that appear unreasonable, but I think we might do a better job of how we confront those that only do harm to skepticism and atheism. We also need to be a bit more charitable I think and make sure before we attack someone else that we understand what they’re attempting to say.

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