Stop Referring to Disagreement as Misogyny

I’m really tired of being referred to as a “misogynist” for honest disagreement.

I have never understood that, even as a man, if I disagree with some positions with feminism that I’m automatically labeled. It doesn’t make sense because I don’t hate women.

Of course, there’s a certain group out there, you know, The Usual Suspects that label anyone that disagrees with their position on the state of women as just that – misogynist. That means that there can never be a rational discussion of issues, hell, these people even refer to other women that way! How can you hate your own gender?

I’d like to see more open, honest, dialogue (there’s that word) without any recrimination or unfounded accusations in that secular people, yes, those skeptics and atheists can come to an agreement.

I wasn’t born last night though and no matter what most of us say, we’re always going to get the label.

I believe in equality for all people. Yep, your token conservative is saying those words. I always have believed that and it am saddened to some degree that there are supposed reasonable people that cannot have a discussion – about anything.

We can have disagreements, but why can’t we work together to end the abuse that happens on both sides of this rift?

I’ll always call out stupidity, wherever it comes from. I think it’s possible that the rift may be healed. It’s going to take some listening. On both sides.

If there is to be a conversation, there needs to be an end to name calling for the sin of disagreement.

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