No One Believes You

The problem with “rage-bloggers” is that they don’t realize it’s exactly what they are. It’s called denial.

I saw this post this afternoon mostly attacking our friend Barbara Drescher concerning her comments on Phil Plait’s blog recently commending Amy Roth for her “art” showing the terrible misogyny toward women on the Internet.

Let me just say that the vitriol towards “women” on the Internet is not generic. It’s specifically toward certain people that do nothing than spread hate and dissension. I wrote a bit about that here, but I’m going to expand upon it a little, with your indulgence.

None of the contributors to her “art” are people without skeletons in their own closet. Note how I mentioned before that what they do is attempt to destroy reputations, make what appears to be blatantly false accusations against men in the skeptic/atheist world, and then do everything they can to intimidate organizations to meet their demands (recall Amy’s call to a lot of organizations to have harassment policies).

They use “statistics” that have been thoroughly debunked – some for years – to win favor with their sycophants: people that are too stupid to go and research for themselves.

So this one blog quotes, of course, the High Priest of Stupid, P.Z. Myers who says about Drescher:

It’s one of the more petty complaints I’ve seen from the hardcore skeptic weirdos. She is unhappy because someone said something nice about someone else. She is aggrieved because Amy Roth has creatively documented the dreadful activity that Drescher wants to believe doesn’t exist. And I suspect she’s at least vaguely aware that she’s being childish and stupid because of her fear that someone might notice her behavior.

No, that’s not correct. What Barbara is doing is trying to correct the record. As I wrote before, what Plait did was nothing more than dishonesty. He appears to have had a cup of the SJW Kool-Aid. He’s bought into The Usual Suspects BS.

These are people that cannot be wrong. No matter how many people tell them. So when people disagree with them, what do those people get in return? You guessed it, rage, insults, personal attacks on their character, on their sexual “habits”, on anything they can make up.

That’s rage-blogging. They need to start applying the adage:

“When 10 people tell you you’re drunk, it’s time to go lay down.”

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