Skepticism Isn’t a Religion

I think my friend Subman has some good advice, and maybe it shouldn’t be applied to those that are “new” to what has long been referred to as the “schism”.

I think we could all take a hint from that, not just those that are finding out what this whole schism is about.

The idea that a few “prominent” bloggers wish to change the way people think and react to their home-grown version of feminisim doesn’t mean that the remainder of we skeptics should pay any attention to them.

Sure, they write books (and sell 2 or 3 thousand), get lots of hits on their blogs, mostly from the same sycophants time after time,but none of that really says anything about their argument does it?

Let me ask a simple question to try and place this in a more personal perspective for you: If you have a friendly debate with someone you know and even though you present facts that are overwhelming to their argument and yet that person will not yield what do you do? Do you continue to attempt to persuade that person, even knowing that no matter what you say, no matter how many facts, studies by reputable organizations, citations from experts in the field you present?

I don’t. At some point the person is deemed by me as hopeless. Think of any person or even group that would come to mind? Sure, it’s the fanatical religious, that no matter what you present, or even the experts that may debunk their erroneous beliefs, they still have “faith”.

Mostly what you see on the net is just that; a group of people that are so indoctrinated it has become a religion for them and no matter how many people, experts, etc., tell them that the “facts” they constantly spew are wrong and have been thoroughly debunked, continue to use their “bible” of facts as the ultimate authority.

It is time to start ignoring them, in the main. We should be focusing on the more important matters of the universe, like if Santa Claus is real.

One thought on “Skepticism Isn’t a Religion

  1. Actually, this is not good advice. While I know there is much you find objectionable at FtB, there are nonetheless several bloggers there who are worth reading regardless of on which side of this schism you find yourself. Mano Singham and Ed Brayton are two.


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