I Wonder how Certain People Will Respond to Michael Nugent? (Updated)

So, Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland has a new post up today and I’m wondering how the rage-bloggers will read what he is saying and how they will respond.

UPDATE: It’s already started, here. More to come I will assure you.

He points particularly to PZ Myers as a person “…central to the escalation of what some people call ‘the deep rifts’.” That, my friends is a very deliberate statement to make and I am certain that right now there are people, you know, The Usual Suspects, that are furiously typing away, making all sorts of defamations against Mr. Nugent.

Mr. Nugent seems confused by Myers’ behavior in person and that of a Keyboard Social Justice Warrior.

But something seems to happen to him when he gets behind a keyboard. He routinely demonises people in a way that he doesn’t do in person, and that he recognises as unfair when others do it to him. He routinely attacks people as individuals, as opposed to merely attacking their ideas or behaviour.

I have never met PZ Myers and have no doubt that what Mr. Nugent states is true as I’ve heard other people that have met and claim to know him, make similar statements. Why is this suddenly a surprise to Mr. Nugent? I mean, wasn’t he the one that tried to heal the rift a while back by having an open discussion between both “sides”? Sure he was. Is it possible that during that time he never researched any of the statements made by those same Usual Suspects against certain “named atheists” as he refers to them?

I think, for all the good Mr. Nugent has done and still does in atheism, especially in his home country of Ireland, he’s coming to the show a bit late. There was a need for this post, but it was two years ago and now, it just looks like someone’s finally awakened to the fact that there is a minority of so-called atheists and skeptics that are attempting to make the entire atheist world look bad.

I am glad Mr. Nugent has finally come out of the thick fog, or deep sleep,(choose your own metaphor) that he’s been in for the last two years and more.

4 thoughts on “I Wonder how Certain People Will Respond to Michael Nugent? (Updated)

  1. I suspect he’s been aware of the problem for some time, and I believe he’s addressed it before. But even if I’m wrong about that, I still say better late than never. Just think of how many still haven’t come around.

    And why wouldn’t the Usual Suspects keep raging when they receive so much attention, including links to their blogs, for doing so?


  2. Well, I know he’s been aware of the “problem” as I stated because he attempted conciliation between the 2 “sides” and it failed miserably when one “side” wanted to dictate the rules.

    It’s just he’s never, that I’ve seen, named names before. I knew he would catch heat for it and I wanted to make sure I lined to it somehow. If I knew how to use freezepage or something like that, I would.


  3. Freezepage is easy enough to use, but they only give limited space for their free accounts. I’ve had a hard time wanting to pay for it, especially when I am starting to agree with those suggesting that we should probably be ignoring FtB.


    • I’m generally one of those that “try” to ignore FtB, but sometimes, well, there’s something I find so outrageous, I have a need to respond. I never peruse the blog unless I see something another has tweeted and then only if it appears to be their usual rage -tears and accusations.

      What’s unusual is that people like those posts. Like right now, the whole kerfuffle over Mick Nugents post from last week.


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