Women as Misogynists

I’ve been thinking about how one woman would call another woman a misogynist and it really doesn’t make sense to me.

Think about it, you’re a woman, being accused by another woman of hating yourself. Well, I guess it’s possible but that doesn’t make sense unless the second woman has some serious psychological issues.

Mostly when I see this occurring is when a woman will disagree with what’s supposed to be the groupthink of all women. Well, are women some special species where they all have to agree on everything? I’ve never seen it.

People disagree all the time on specific topics. It has a lot to do with personal experience but there are also times when one person will espouse some “fact’ that the other will refute. Then comes the point where the first person, without having an argument, will just refer to the other as a misogynist.

We’ve seen recently how there’s a certain group that will do this all the time: Debate another woman (or not! most of the time) and because they cannot refute the others argument just declare their “opponent” a misogynist.

Pretty sad reasoning capability don’t you think? It’s always the same. Can’t come up with a reasoned argument against someone else’s statement? Name call.

We’ll all survive this ridiculousness. In fact, I believe that most of us regularly ridicule this behavior as I’m doing now. We need to make our voices louder. Make sure that when someone accuses another, without anything to back up their accusation, we stand up and call”bullshit”.

This should be an easy one, especially when we find a woman under attack by another woman that just can’t or won’t see a different perspective because their ideology has become a religion.

We need to end the attacks on people because they aren’t following what’s perceived in some circles as the party line but especially we need to end the attack on women that speak their minds – and aren’t part of the hive-mind.

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