Should Scotland Vote For Independence?

As an American, I’m not up to date with all of the possible pitfalls of Scotland voting for independence from the UK, but since people in the UK like to weigh in on our politics, I’m going to weigh in on theirs.

We in the US are not hearing much about this very important vote except for soundbites from each side of the question. It’s perplexing to most people here I speak with but it does appear to me that there are economic consequences for both the Scots and the British if the vote is “yes”.

Now, as I understand it, if the vote is yes, then it will be 18 months before the separation is final. I would think that would give some time for many of the economic questions to be answered.

The real question for the Scots should be if they want to be a completely independent country. They’ve been effectively “ruled” by the English for over 300 hundred years. On and off before that.

Of course, any country that vies for independence will have problems in the short term. The US did, but over a period of less than a generation having left English rule, prevailed. Those were different times and now we have a multinational economy. Will Scotland be able to integrate? Actually, I think they will.

Let me give one small example. The fall of the Soviet Union and in 1989 the reintegration of East Germany with West Germany. It was difficult for both. It cost West Germany hundreds of billions over some years to integrate the East with them. They have been successful.

Now this is the opposite of course, breaking away. It’s going to affect 2 economies, England and Scotland. Would both countries, over time be able to overcome this change? I think they both would be able to do this even though in the immediate future, it would look like a disaster for both.

I would say to the Scots to not vote based on what may happen in the short term, but what you believe your life and the lives of you children will be in the future. It’s that’s independence, then that’s it. If you’re afraid of the short term economic consequences, then vote no.

2 thoughts on “Should Scotland Vote For Independence?

  1. I’ve been having this discussion with the Scots side of the family. I will be disappointed if Scotland doesn’t vote for its own Independence. Because Scotland has lived under English rule for 300 years and abused longer than that. Because as an American self-determination appeals to me, especially when it’s not imposed at gunpoint, as we Americans tend to do. Mostly though, I could apply for dual citizenship, but never did, not wanting to be a dual US/UK citizen. An independent Scotland, I would.

    What it comes down to is yes, there are questions about the logistics of Scots independence, but sometimes you just have to take the leap.


    • Well, as I read this morning, the latest polls have “No” with a slight lead. There’s a caveat though; hundreds of thousands of “undecided” voters. I guess we’ll know later tonight or tomorrow morning.


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