CFI and Their Stupid Employees

I couldn’t help myself but when stupid people speak, I somehow must respond. Yeh, it’s a character flaw I seem to have.

So Mick Nugent has started to take a little heat for his blog post, which I wrote about earlier and criticized Mick a bit for not realizing how toxic PZ Myers, et al are.

This evening I see this tweet from Mick

Of course this is in response to what OB believes is a devastating retort to Mick’s post. What I like about that tweet is how Mick just brushes her off.

As usual, the ever effusive Melody Hensley, that courageous defender of of women from CFI, must respond to defend her buddy. I wanted to include the actual tweet, but she’s protected her account so, I’ll just quote it.

“@micknugent You defend CH Sommers as if she’s been a part of our community. She’s been known as an anti-feminnist for decades. @OpheliaBenson”

Now this is a person that is so clueless, I have no doubt that until very recently, and only because she’s read rage-blogs from The Usual Suspects, that’s she’s ever even heard of Christina Hoff Sommers.

I’d also like to know of which “community” of “ours” she’s referring to. Skeptics? Well I guess in Melody’s view, you can’t be a real skeptic unless you are part of the those-that-can’t-be-disagreed-with.

This is a person that is so stupid that earlier this year, she actually had the gall to compare her “PTSD” (which no reasonable person believes she has) with that of actual men and women who’ve been in combat. I mean it. Goddamn Combat!

I couldn’t take it. I don’t know Ms. Sommers other than from her videos and yes, when Ms. Sommers offers up some article or statistic, I do go look it up to verify that what she’s discussing is based on facts that are currently available (unlike some others we know).

So, I had to get in and respond. I’m sure it’s going to show up on someone’s blog in the next day or two but I wanted you to see it here first (and oh! I’m able to show you her actual tweet because, I guess, I responded directly to her).

I really can’t stand stupid people. I’m disappointed that CFI would have such a person working for them. I’ll be blogging more about that, really soon.

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