According to Some, I’m Accountable for Twitter Followers Tweets

Dear Twitter followers, please don’t make any rude or seemingly “harassing” remarks on Twitter because, you know, I’m probably going to be held responsible at some point for what you say.

No, This isn’t a joke. I’m referring to this post of exchanges between one of The Usual Suspects and Sam Harris.

Now, my main question is, how does this person know that the tweet she received is from one of Sam’s “fans”. Even if she did know that, why is Sam responsible for some horrible tweet? Is he supposed to scour the Twitter-verse of all of his follower’s tweets constantly to make sure someone has not posted something that may be offensive to another?

It looks like it and it appears that bullying him did work to some extent. Because he did tweet the following:

I’m told that certain of my “fans” threaten my critics with violence when defending my views. If you are one of these jerks, unfollow me.

That seems fair. Now, is he going to have to have that tweet auto-repeat itself everyday just to make sure that someone that receives troll tweets is satisfied that he’s doing the necessary maintenance on his Twitter followers?

Maybe next they’ll expect him to show up and each and every followers home to reinforce.

2 thoughts on “According to Some, I’m Accountable for Twitter Followers Tweets

  1. “It looks like it and it appears that bullying him did work to some extent.”

    Exactly how was he bullied? Greta’s post and her tweets don’t qualify as bullying under any definition of bullying in common use. Bullying implies a power differential. In what way is Greta more powerful than Sam and in what way is she capable of intimidating him? You seem to be using the word in a way that trivializes the word.


  2. Seems to me that all Greta was doing was asking (repeatedly) that Harris use this opportunity to exercise his voice to tell others, including those who follow his blog, not to engage in sexist behavior. Took him a little prodding, but he did that eventually.

    Like Sam himself, you misread Greta’s Tweets. She did not say that Sam was responsible for the tweets of others. But certainly it does no harm – and in fact probably does much good – for him to publicly criticize those who tweet such ugly comments.


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