Atheists: We’ll Survive

After all of the ridiculous back and forth we have had recently as to the state of atheism, I think we’re okay.

We’ll be okay as atheists because we’re not subject to groupthink. We have one thing in common: a non belief in god(s).

We’ll be okay because, even though there are some that want to define us, we reject being defined by anyone because all of us are individuals. It’s difficult to define a very diverse population in any fashion.

We can stand the heat. No matter how much hate or derision we receive, we tend to brush that off our sleeves and live our lives as we see fit.

We’re not immoral or uncaring, just as those non-atheists, we care. What we care about may be different, but that’s okay; it makes us just like the everyone else on this planet.

We’re all right because, even though there are some that want us to be something more, we can still be atheists without having some mathematical symbol attached to us. No one is obligated to be anything more by being an atheist.

Atheism isn’t a thing. It’s not a company or an organization. There are various atheist organizations around the world, but if every one of those closed their doors tomorrow, would that end atheism?

Of course not. Most atheists are not affiliated with any of these organizations and could care less whether or not they existed. We can be informed by these organizations, but we shouldn’t be co-opted.

No one “lead” me to atheism. No one decides for me what I should think or believe about anything. I reject those that want to conflate their version of Social Justice with atheism. I reject those, atheists and non alike, that want to label me because of some broken ideology of theirs.

I think for myself. I use reason along with compassion in my life. I hope most of you do as well. Being an atheist though, requires neither. Let’s not let others try to define what atheism is or should be in the future. Let’s not become another form of religion.

We’ll be okay, because we want to.

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