Agrumentum Strawman

It’s always a good practice when you cannot defend your position, to change the subject and attack those that have a problem with that position.

No, not really. I can’t really understand this piece from, (you guessed it!) one of The Usual Suspects that seems to defend the doxxing of another.

Now, I completely understand wanting to stand up for you friends if and when their arguments have a modicum of truth.

The problem I have with this post however, is that it’s the classic “Strawman”. This post never addresses the complaints about the doxxing of “Skepticle”, all it does is attempt to change the subject and attack those that have a serious concern over the tactics used to attempt to silence someone.

It’s a pitiful attempt. Laughable actually.

Of course, the same rules don’t apply to we hoi polloi. We’re too stupid to realize that when they dox someone, it’s okay. It’s “Social Justice” or something.

Let’s just attack every comment. Let’s call it “harassment” because, you know, when you disagree, you’re nothing more than an” harasser, or even better, ”stalker”.

Never, ever, disagree with “Those That Are Smarter Than We”. It’ll only bring you pain from ”The Sidhartha’s of Correct Thinking”.

Dumbass is still dumbass. Hopefully soon, more will understand the agenda of this little shop of horrors.

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