Atheist Men Are More Hateful Than Christians

Well, what can anyone expect? How does Anita know that “atheist” men are more hateful?

This is what I’d call a “stupid person”. No more, no less. She constantly lies about and misrepresents any and all of those that may happen to disagree with her.

Why is it anyone pays any attention to her? I don’t get it but this tweet alone, without any attribution, says more than any of us could ever say about her.

6 thoughts on “Atheist Men Are More Hateful Than Christians

  1. I believe MRAs have the best answer to your question: many men are addicted to pussy, and like any other addict, they’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how demeaning, to get their next fix.


  2. Anita hasn’t discovered yet that there’s a third part to the adage, ‘you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time ….”

    Sadly, her con game just might work. 50:50 odds she ends up either on The View, or in a federal penitentiary.


  3. Just what has she lied about? What has she misrepresented?

    What kind of attribution should be in her tweet? She is the one saying it, not someone else.

    People pay attention to her because she has made some legitimate criticisms about how women are portrayed in some games.


  4. How does she know? Because she has received hateful comments on Twitter and e-mails from self-identified atheists. By the way she is not saying all atheist men are hateful. She is speaking only of those male atheists who have tweeted her or e-mailed her.


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