Respecting One Another’s Ideas



Occasionally, I find myself in an interesting dialogue on Twitter. Yes, that’s right, Twitter. As much as I tend to knock the platform, there are a few times when I may have interesting interactions with others. There are a lot of good people out there, the problem is to find those that want to have a reasoned conversation – as much as any may call it on Twitter – and that dialogue ends up being productive. No derogatory language used, just simple discussion, on some very complex ideas. There are even solutions proposed and debated, all in the same sense that everyone in the conversation has an opinion, and each person has an equal opportunity to express theirs.

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Thinking For Yourself



A video comes to light. In it you see me clocking (punching) a woman. What’s the immediate response? Of course it’s that I knocked out the woman for apparently no reason. Here comes the online mob, who will do everything they can to make me look like someone that should be in jail. But is what is seen the actual story or is the video heavily edited to ensure  I am the aggressor?

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Atheist Men Are More Hateful Than Christians

Well, what can anyone expect? How does Anita know that “atheist” men are more hateful?

This is what I’d call a “stupid person”. No more, no less. She constantly lies about and misrepresents any and all of those that may happen to disagree with her.

Why is it anyone pays any attention to her? I don’t get it but this tweet alone, without any attribution, says more than any of us could ever say about her.