‘My Opponent is a Rapist’

The tweet below the break is from a blogger at a conservative website HotAir.com. What he’s referring to is the Senate race in Colorado Mark Udall (D) the incumbent facing a tough reelection against Cory Gardner (R). Currently Gardner is up a few points, but it’s very narrow.

The reason for this tweet is because Udall’s campaign has been the Republican “War on Women” meme. It hasn’t set well with voters in Colorado and that’s why this Blue state may go Red for this Senate seat. Two months ago, none of the political pundits, left or right, thought that Gardner had a chance to win this seat. Blunder and gaff, after gaff with Udall’s “War on Women” campaign though, has changed the landscape in Colorado dramatically. Most now think it will be a miracle if he retains his seat.

The tweet’s really interesting though because of what many of us have been saying for some time now about the SJW “rape culture” meme. Seems to have spilled over into politics. The radical left will never learn.

Oh, by the way, I believe I remember reading that this blogger, Allahpundit, is an atheist.

UPDATE: I didn’t see this article before posting but it bodes more trouble for Udall.

One thought on “‘My Opponent is a Rapist’

  1. I’ve been getting at least two MoveOn emails a day from Dem pols and celebrities — Joan Jett the latest 😦 — warning me about what will happen to teh wymynz if the Gops take the Senate. That’s the only message in each email — what the Gops will do to teh wymynz. The same old war-on-women memes are trotted out over & over, including the lie that women don’t get equal pay for equal work.

    This shrill, one-note klaxon has begun to backfire, but the Dems are bankrupt of ideas, and the true believers, well … truly believe it.

    Udall The Lesser really can’t be blamed for doggedly following the national party’s campaign strategy. And honestly — what else, at this point, do the Dems have to substantively distinguish themselves from the other half of the duopoly?


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