This Is What Liberals Think of You, America

I’ll just let you look at this and you may comment as you please. This is what Canadian Liberals think of us. (below)


But then, looking at my Twitter timeline this morning, I’ll take a guess that most American Liberals believe the same.

Oh Wait! Just found another one!


Yep, all you “hillbillys” are lunatics.

It’s called Liberal Elitism.

5 thoughts on “This Is What Liberals Think of You, America

  1. For someone who claims a commitment to skepticism, and I presume such other things as rational thought, drawing such a lame conclusion from your Twitter feed – about as biased and unscientific a sampling source imaginable – is an egregious violation of skeptical and rational thinking. Sure, you call it a guess. But even as a guess it is totally unwarranted by the standards of skepticism and rational thought.


  2. Wow, are you really that dumb? I did state specifically a “guess” based on my Twitter feed. I didn’t say anything about a statistical analysis or anything else.


  3. If you will read more carefully, I acknowledged in my comment that you said it was a guess. I pointed out though that even as a guess it was unwarranted on the basis of just your Twitter feed. So, no I am not dumb. You did overstep the boundaries of rationality by making such a wildly unfounded guess.


  4. I have a rather rich life Matt. But then it doesn’t surprise me that you make such assinine assumptions about a person without knowing anything at all about that person nor that you concoct assinine conjectures from comments another person has written.

    Of course you think I say only dumb things. In that mind of yours anything that is a disagreement with you must necessarily be dumb.


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