Well, This is Disturbing

Sitting here watching some analysis of last nights election results and who’s featured? Mike Huckabee.

Yes, it’s on Fox and yes, I know he has his own weekly show there (I’ve never watched it BTW) and there are some extreme right-wingers that absolutely love him.

Okay, yes, he has some political chops as an ex-governor of Arkansas, and on occasion he makes an actual reasonable point. But that’s not what I am really calling disturbing.

What’s disturbing is that in GOP polls currently, he has an 11% favorability rating for president. No, I’m not making that up. They were just talking about it.

This is exactly what we need for a president: A Baptist preacher. This guy is so right-wing he makes, well, I shouldn’t go there should I? I realize that there is probably no way in hell that he’d become president, but 11% this far out from the 2016 election?

Yes, I also realize he’s what would be called a fringe candidate but at this stage there’s no one in the GOP lineup that isn’t. If the GOP want a chance to win the presidency in 2016, they need to find someone that’s not a nut job.

5 thoughts on “Well, This is Disturbing

  1. Whom do you think is not a nut job and could be a viable candidate? Seems to me that the nut job wing of the Republican Party has so much influence currently that a reasonable candidate hasn’t got a chance as a viable candidate. I suspect that if a Republican does win the White House in 2016 it will be one of the nut jobs.


  2. Oh, stop worrying about polls two years out, for Nocturnal’s sake.

    We’ll get a Red alpha sociopath or a Blue alpha sociopath.

    It’s cute you think it matters, or that you matter to the power structure. Keep up the rah rah for your Team, though. Maybe you’ll get a different result the Nth time.


    • You make some false assumptions. 1) That I’m worried and 2) That I have a “side”. What I find interesting is that as usual for the last couple of cycles that right after the midterm elections, the news channels are already talking about the presidential election, 2 years away.

      There’ll come a time, and it’s fast approaching, as soon as a new president is sworn in, there’ll be a race to cover the next election – 4 years away.


  3. You think that’s bad? I went to Target last week, and they had Halloween and Christmas stuff side by side. It’s all just off the rails, man. πŸ˜‰


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