Republicans Are ‘Traitors’

Well, it is The Huffington Post, so what else would anyone expect?

This is a beautiful quote that just sets the tone for the whole article:

Let’s begin the 2016 campaign season by calling Republican politicians by their true name: traitors. Enemies of the United States of America.

That’s clearly not a way to win friends and influence people; but then ultra-lefties don’t care about any of that. What they are concerned about is that in the recent midterm elections, voters overwhelmingly rejected their agenda.

I know there’s going to be some that will attempt to argue that it was a low voter turnout and doesn’t necessarily reflect America as a whole. Well, traditionally, midterm elections have always had a low voter turnout and I would bet that if the results were in your favor, you’d be saying the opposite.

Poll and poll leading up to the elections showed that a majority of Americans, democrat and republican, believed that the country was on the wrong track. By majority? How about 65%?

Here’s the poll roundup from, you guessed it, the Huffington Post. Maybe the writer of the article should have performed a bit of research on his own site before writing his piece.

Calling Republicans traitors? That’s over the top for even the most ardent democrats.

3 thoughts on “Republicans Are ‘Traitors’

  1. The low turnout does suggest that the results don’t reflect America as a whole, but they clearly reflect the attitudes of the majority who bothered to show up, and that is how the process is designed to work. Personally, I think low voter turnout is a problem no matter who wins because it is a sign of widespread apathy and a disengaged electorate.

    What we seem to have in midterm elections is a small number of voters motivated primarily by their dissatisfaction with whoever is in office. When they are the only ones who vote, the outcome can’t be all that surprising.

    But really, if I am going to blame anybody for the results of this election, it would be the Democrats for not bothering to campaign on anything approaching a coherent message. They didn’t give their supporters much of a reason to show up.


    • I would have expected a bit more on the turnout as poll after poll showed an aggregate of 64.9% of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track. when I went to vote, around 10 am, I was the 95th at my precent, in my small community, which I was told by one of the poll workers there was not bad so I was thinking at the time that because of the level of dissatisfaction, the numbers would be higher.

      I really don’t think the Democrats had anything to campaign on this year. The Republicans campaign was “We’re not the Democrats” and ” We’re anti-Obama”. Nothing.


  2. Republicans ARE TRAITORS

    Deny all you want, but soon the Repugnant party will cease to exist due to it’s own stupidity

    Surprised you survived this long


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