Salon: The Military Doesn’t Protect My Freedom

This time, yep, it’s Salon. I wonder how they have any readership left?

A recent article, by David Masciotra really jumps the shark. I was going to tear it down in a bit, then saw the below series of tweets. The article shows a complete lack of understanding about the U.S. military. The writer discusses the lack of diversity, increase in rape and sexual assault, but never really gives us a reason for his initial assertion. These tweets I believe are a great response.

2 thoughts on “Salon: The Military Doesn’t Protect My Freedom

  1. Check out the comments there. Lots of heads nodding heads. You can hear the rattling.

    I’m just so ready to help colonize something in space. Get me out of here.


    • It’s Salon. Their readership (what’s left of it) is very hardcore left. Denigrate the military, smear any individual or group that doesn’t conform and all you hear is the whistling of the wind through their commentariat’s heads as they nod in agreement.


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