Dear Anti-GamerGate, GamerGate is Not Over

I can’t for the life of me understand how the anti-GamerGate crowd keeps claiming victory of the GamerGate supporters on a daily basis.

It’s baffling; They have a few of the more vocal supporters on Twitter suspended, then run around claiming that GamerGate is over. It’s not.

The reason is that these simpletons believe that there is a hierarchy, people that are leading the effort to hold journalists accountable for their obvious corruption and that by cutting of the head, they’ve killed the movement.

Some people will just never learn. The more idiotic actions that are taken, the more emboldened the supporters become. The tactics of the supporters of corruption have become more and more insidious over the past weeks to to the level of claiming that these GamerGate supporters are anti-woman. What they don’t understand is that nearly half of the people that identify as gamers are women.

They can’t provide one piece of evidence that any GamerGate supporter is anti-woman. Of course, in any dispute there are going to be the obvious trolls that make unseemly statements. Find one named GamerGate supporter, for instance one of those recently suspended from Twitter that has made any such statement. No evidence exists.

Facts mean nothing to some and so the drama will continue. The GamerGate supporters are not intimidated, and are not going to be silenced by these tactics.

You can have Twitter accounts suspended and they’ll make YouTube videos. Have their Google accounts suspended, they’ll blog. You can’t stop a landslide anti-GamerGaters and if you haven’t noticed, it’s heading your way.

Keep claiming victory. I know it makes you feel as if you’ve actually accomplished something. GamerGate will not go away just because you wish it to be gone. You want GamerGate to cease to exist? Admit your corruption and stop attacking the gaming community with unfounded accusations of sexism and misogyny.

It’s really that simple.

UPDATE: Sorry, I forgot this and this.

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