Anti-GamerGate: No Facts, No Argument

Last night, after writing and posting this, I starting receiving, for the first time, what many GamerGate advocates have been seeing in theit Twitter timelines. I thought I would share this with you. The comedy starts below the break.

My comments are above the relevant tweets, BTW.

He disagrees that I say GamerGate isn’t over.

The #GamerGate hashtag is toxic to whom? Oh yeah, to the SJW anti-GamerGaters that cannot show any evidence for any of their accusations.

What are you talking about? No one is attacking women in the gaming industry.

Companies that advertise with these corrupt gaming journals are seeing the light. They’re pulling their ad revenue because they realize that their customers aren’t corrupt journalists, but the gamers themselves.

What internal stress? What are your facts behind an assertion that this exists with supporters of GamerGate?

It ended when Anita went on Colbert? No, if that appearance did anything, it solidified the resolve of gamers. Besides, does anyone form their social opinions from a freaking comedy show? If so, get some help.

Citation needed. It’s lost 75% support? All data I’ve seen shows it growing on a weekly basis. You live in another universe.

A GamerGate supporter jumps in. Yes, his logic is flawed. It’s an emotional response to something SJW’s are unprepared to confront with reason.

He ignores the question from the supporter and continues. What do GamerGate supporters have to be sorry about? Oh, I get it, your flawed argument because it would be more interesting to have a debate with someone that could actually hold up their end with facts instead of emotion.

Man, this guy is obsessive isn’t he? But that’s the MO of the SJW crowd. Try to take over a conversation with “facts” that they can’t back up. What 2 or 3 victories? This is not a football competition you twit, it’s people rising up against corruption.

He finally decides to take a breath and dismiss the GamerGate supporter’s question from above.

Oh, there’ll be more sponsors pull out, but that has never been the goal over GamerGate. It was never about shutting down gamer magazines. Believe it or not, business have 2 goals: 1)don’t alienate your customers because 2) that’s how we make money.

The supporter jumps back in to let our brave hero know that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Here we go again, stating something as fact for which you have absolutely no evidence.

One unnamed company? I guess you’re not paying attention very well. See below.

The company isn’t unnamed as is claimed.

Yes, it’s true that BMW said a couple of weeks ago they were done with Gawker, but did you actually read the article? The email included is from November 10.

So to sum up what do we have here but the same ol same ol. An SJW attempting to use the thoroughly debunked arguments from 3 months ago. As usual, there’s no “there there” but refuses to realize that no one, even those not directly associated with GamerGate, are going to by his , or any of their, fallacious arguments.

From what I’ve observed, GamerGate is a real movement not just some sort of online “let’s all whine and complain about something and hope someone else takes the lead” type of “movement”.

Keep up the good work, GamerGate.

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