Election Exhaustion – What Voters Think

I guess we’re going to be going through post-election analysis for a while. Now it’s speculation and giving “advice” as to what the Republican controlled congress should do next January.

I’m already exhausted. I mostly turn off the TV news when there’s story after story, pundit upon pundit informing us as to what’s going to happen over the next two years. I think that based on past history, it’s mostly incorrect.

I did read an interesting poll today from Pew Research which is attention grabbing. Now Pew, as you may know, is not a right-wing organization and over the years their polls have been cited in both left and right media.

The most compelling part of this poll was what voters thought of Republicans winning the Senate. 48% were happy. No, go look at the poll yourself. After all the angst I[ve seen online from media, individuals and the left wing pundits on television, it appears that a majority of those polled 48/38 are happy with the change.

Of course I know I’m going to hear in the comments about those people being stupid. I expect those kinds of comments from people that a) didn’t vote or b) voted and just lost and can’t stand that fact.

We’ll just have to see in the next 2 years. I don’t think there will be a “war” between the Whitehouse and congress as they constantly talk about on the news. But then, who knows? It will at least be entertaining.

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