No, GamerGate Will Not Go Away

I have always been told, when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, stop digging. The idea is that when you realize you’re in the wrong, admit it and move on.

Well, this doesn’t appear to be the case with the anti-GamerGate crew as the deeper they dig their hole, all they seem to want is a larger shovel.

I’ve never expected this SJW crowd to do anything different. I know that for many GamerGate supporters this is new to them; why would anyone continue to launch egregious charges and defame an entire community after being shown time and again that everything they say is false?

It’s the SJW way and there are many of us in the atheist/skeptic world that have been afflicted with these people for several years now. Be aware that there’s nothing you will be able to do now or in the future that will stop the wrath of the SJW cabal.

Look at the depths they will go: referring GamerGaters to terrorists. That one even surprised me. Notice that the writer of that story has never been repudiated by any of the anti-GamerGate supporters.

Of course, GamerGate must be stopped because it’s a trolls paradise according to some. The writer of this article admits both sides have indulged in that behavior. The difference I believe is that GamerGate does not encourage and in fact actively discourages such behavior where the anti-GamerGate side is conspicuously silent.

He also continues his tedious article by listing 13 tactics that anti-GamerGate have used that hasn’t worked. Notice the list and why I say they won’t stop digging because they’re still using those same tactics!

Let me tell all of you anti-GamerGate supporters why this movement will not go away. It’s a consumer revolt. It’s consumers that drive business and not the other way around, This is Business 101 and game developers know this. You don’t spend millions of dollars on a game that no one is going to buy. You listen to your customers and provide products they want. Really, how simple is this?

As an observer, anti-GamerGate is nothing more than an attempt to smear and defame an entire community (a rather large one at that) that refuse to accede to the demands of a tiny group of SJW’s. It will go on. GamerGate must not become complacent. No one should ever claim victory. This is not a game that the official blows a whistle and the team that’s ahead wins.

There are no lengths the anti-GamergGaters won’t go to “win”. They can’t as long as GamerGate is vigilant.

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