A Shirt Causes a Major International Incident (Not)

I knew there’d be a blog about the project scientist with Rosetta and the shirt he wore today after the successful landing of a robot on a comet.

Yes, that’s what happened today as you all know. But the SJW crowd? Nope they’re focusing on the shirt worn by one of the team members.

According to this blogger, the wearing of the shirt was snatching the spotlight away from the technical accomplishment of your team and making it all about about your clothing choices, and for also doing it with such elan that you simultaneously denigrated all the enthusiastic young women watching the webcast.

What drivel. I wouldn’t have worn a shirt like that, not because it may be sexist, but because I just don’t like it. Well, this scientist does. So what?

Dear GamerGaters, this is what I’ve been talking about. The SJW crowd will find any reason to become offended. Over nothing. These are the people that are trying to to change the gaming community to fit their standards no matter how ridiculous those standards are.

The final sentence is more of a wish than probably what actually happened:

He did change out of it later. I hope it’s because some higher-up slapped him silly and shamed him for embarrassing the organization.

Well, I doubt it. He probably changed because he may have been there all night. I would want to change as well.

It really shows how far the SJW’s will go. One tiny thing. Major offense.

They want to not only dictate your speech, the games you play, but your clothing choices as well.

4 thoughts on “A Shirt Causes a Major International Incident (Not)

  1. I start out pretty close to you on this — it’s not my type of shirt, it doesn’t offend me, a plainer choice would have better for someone who knew he’d be on-camera, etc, etc. I’m reserving judgement for lack of info and mistrust of both accusatory herds and snap-dismissal.

    Two well respected women in astronomy are worth paying attention to: Carolyn Porco (@carolynporco) and Emily Lakdawalla (@elakdawalla). Lakdawalla is covering the comet landing. Porco is imaging team leader for the Cassini mission at Saturn. I’d listen to either if they weigh in on shirt-spasm — and of course I might or might not not agree. If they don’t that will say something as well. They have both called out sexist jerkitude in cases where it’s arisen — but not in the “it’s everywhere!” style that some others do. Porco has defended Sam Harris against broad-brush allegations:



    • It’s an unfortunate wardrobe choice but does it deserve the faux outrage from the SJW’s? I don’t believe so but I’ve been following their antics for a while now and blogging about them for a little over a year. These are nothing more than professional victims IMO and nothing more.


  2. I mostly agree on this as well. Live and let live but keep an open mind. So far as I can tell no one at ESA has objected to the shirt. Lakdawalla is there and Porco has been on the BBC coverage of the mission. They seem like reasonable people mostly concerned with their profession. Their politics are on the moderate left of the US spectrum (as are mine). Porco especially might be an ally who could acknowledge some daylight between her views and the preachy-controlling left. I think there’s more to be gained from seeking common ground with folks like these than to ask them to separate from the preachy left as a first step. No objections to your use of SJW but in my circles it would be counter productive.


    • The use of SJW has been used for quite a while now and refers to those on the hard left that want to dictate to others. These are also people that only do that: yap.

      It’s not meant to be a derogatory term for those that truly act for Social Justice. Another term that has been used is “Keyboard Warriors” if that helps.


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