anti-GamerGate and their Hatred of Women

People have been doing some caps of tweets they have either been involved in, or have seen on the Internet. I’ve saved a few. View below the break. As always, click on the image to enlarge if you need.

This one I think accurately depicts what the SJW’s think of women associated with GamerGate:


Of course, women that support GamerGate mist hate themselves:


And the SJW’s can’t help but Jump the Shark at some point. This is so vile it’s beyond any further comment:


These are just a small sampling of what I’ve seen tweeted for a while now. I haven’t been collecting them until recently, and I’ll keep posting as I collect more. The hate here is palpable. I think that not only supporters f GamerGate, but others as well are finally waking up to the toxicity of the SJW elitists.

2 thoughts on “anti-GamerGate and their Hatred of Women

  1. You know how you keep saying that there is no evidence that any of the hateful tweets aimed at the SJW critics of gamergate and the gaming culture have come from supporters of GamerGate? Where is your evidence that the Tweets above are actually from any of the SJWs? What is your evidence that Kali Yuga Surfer or Lightening action are SJWs or in any way affiliated with those whom you so often label as SJWs?


  2. I haven’t been collecting them until recently, and I’ll keep posting as I collect more.

    Please do. And with the next set of examples, and all others to follow, please provide at the same time the evidence that each comment was tweeted by an SJW.


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