The Pernicious Nature of Radical Feminism

For several years now, there have been atheists and skeptics speaking out about the deleterious effects of radical feminism within society. There have been blogs and videos produced that demonstrate the ugliness, and the danger of this dogmatic, self-righteous group of men and women infiltrating not only the skeptic and atheist world, but society in general.

Disagreement with their agenda has been met with egregious accusations that for a while startled many. Those responses no longer surprise anyone anymore. In fact, they’re expected.

Although frequently referred to as “Social Justice Warriors” they are also described occasionally as the “Society of Professional Victims” and “The Society of the Perpetually Offended”. These are used infrequently to mock because to many it’s become evident that anything uttered against their self appointed arbiters of social justice.

There are the often spoken about “rape” and “death” threats against some of the radical feminists. These appear, based on their own evidence to be tweets and blog comments consisting of “Someone should rape you.”, or “I hope you die a horrible death.”. Although contemptible, nothing there rises to the level of an actual threat. Everyone I know condemns this trollish behavior. No one should be subjected to abuse like that just because they hold different views.

These type of remarks have lowered the discourse to the effect that any dispute, however much on point has been categorized as “harassment” and even yes, “threatening”.

But these same people, crying “victim” over that abuse are the same people that have made the most despicable charges toward prominent atheists and skeptics – bullying really – attempting to silence them for daring to criticize and point out their often hypocritical words and the double standard often employed to protect their own.

The meme on the Internet “It’s okay when we do it.” may seem humorous at first, but it’s a serious statement identifying one of the core systems employed by the radicals to justify their conduct.

They’re not alone though; often the media have become their unwitting allies in promoting the idea that sexism is an epidemic. There’s never a balanced look to actually determine if this “epidemic” exists or not. It’s an easy story, and often contains enough adjectives to provoke the public.

I’m not denying that sexism exists. Is it prevalent in society? I think that’s a good question and those that make that claim should be the one’s that prove it’s true. As a skeptic, with evidence, I’m willing to re-evaluate my position. Until the actual evidence is presented, I’ll remain unconvinced.

Of course, when confronted, it’s all about the “patriarchy”; you know, how men rule the world and make all the decisions and that women are relegated to second class personhood, if they’re allowed to be persons at all. It’s funny to me that those making these claims seem to have a pretty powerful megaphone and it doesn’t appear that anyone is preventing them from speaking or their ability to cash in on their “oppression” by that same patriarchy.

As I mentioned earlier, there have been many atheists and skeptics observing the follies of the Special Ones. The Ones that May Not Be Disputed. It’s an interesting pursuit, the rewards being defamation of character, insults, attempts (sometimes succeeding) to have Twitter accounts suspended as well as being banned from skeptic and atheist conferences – as attendees, not speakers! Lies and distortions of dissenters are a common practice. Vigilance in dissent is imperative to counter this deceit.

In the long run it’s worth it to expose these people for what they really are: an assortment of bitter people without any sense of decency.

Most people have been completely unaware of this infection within their society. It’s not a subtle infiltration. No, it’s an outright invasion and the “feminists” are not shy in letting anyone know just that.

In general, people don’t recognize it and it’s not because it’s not in their faces. It’s because if it doesn’t have a direct affect on their daily lives, they tend to ignore it. It’s just human nature. It’s in their schools, their workplaces, government. But hey, it’s not that bad. No one is assaulting my personal freedoms.

I’m not a conspiracist, believing that some nefarious syndicate of feminists are subverting democracy. On the contrary, I believe that they believe they have the best intentions for all of us. The difference is that those intentions are not necessarily the best outcome. The problem is that they refuse to recognize they may be wrong.

I monitor my Twitter timeline on a fairly regular basis. I follow a lot of atheists and skeptics. I see tweets all the time pointing out some ridiculousness of the radical feminist crowd. It wasn’t a lot, and the Twitter “discussions” were often hilarious. It’s easy to mock the stupid.

It was rare to see anyone coming into the conversation that was unaware of the ludicrous proclamations coming from on high. For some, it was truly stunning that more people didn’t comment on this “phenomena”. Is the whole world asleep? Are there that few that recognize what’s occurring right under their noses? How awful these people really are?

These conversations were not infrequent but again, most people don’t seem to want to pay attention to something until it hits them right in the face.

Then, along comes “Gamergate”.

What began as a gamers pointing out what they perceived to be “corruption” with some gaming journalists, quickly escalated to charges of sexism and misogyny, by those same journalists and their sycophants.

Gamers wanted transparency with what they used to believe were trusted sources for reviews and opinion because it was discovered that some of these people had what could only be described as inappropriate associations with the developers themselves. It wasn’t just the one “sexual incident”, but what was believed to be writers preferring some developers over others. A call for disclosure was made. What ensued became what we now refer to as Gamergate.

Suddenly, gamers were over, there were declarations that there was a distinct lack of diversity among gamers and that, overall, there was some perverse sexism amongst gamers as a whole. This is where the radical feminists began to make themselves known.

The discussion suddenly devolved even further with tweets referring to women supporters as “sluts” and even “house n*****s” (I won’t use the word). How about the death wishes for the Gamergate supporters? I haven’t seen any “rape threats” but maybe I just missed them. The one-sided interviews by the media that actively promote the anti-Gamergate agenda that gamers have a real issue with sexism and misogyny.

My Twitter timeline on some days seems almost flooded with tweets, retweets and captions of statements from the anti-crowd that are in every case, over the top and do not fairly represent what Gamergate is all about.

I think a lot of people were suddenly shocked into awareness of how low feminist advocates would sink. They blithely tossed allegations without evidence (There’s my skepticism again!), and continue to do so on a daily basis. the minions are unable to make any sort of logical argument yet continue with slurs and denigration of gamers.

The gamers though, are resilient if nothing. They’ve absorbed these attacks without (mostly) responding in kind. they need to continue in that vein.

But where are the feminists that regularly decry this abuse when it’s leveled at them? Why are they not speaking out against these insidious attacks against a community whose only wish is to pursue their hobby? They’re nowhere to be seen. Is this a tacit approval or are they just ignorant of the issue? I don’t believe the latter and I’m loathe to define silence as approval but it is strange that there’s not been one statement condemning the actions of these advocates of feminism.

This is why I earlier pointed out what many of us see as a double standard. There are a different set up rules that come into play. The radical feminists protect their own, circumstances not withstanding. What’s disturbing is that most people don’t recognize what is happening right in front of them. In fact, their minions probably can’t see it either, but go on and continue with acerbic diatribes at those that dare to question the motivation of their “movement”.

The funny part? These supporters are not only encouraged, but then shown a level of appreciation for their troubles that you would only seen shown to a dog. A lap dog. The more it’s pointed out to these that they’ve “drank the kool aid” the harsher the response.

Maybe this time they’ve gone too far, attacking not just a few skeptics and atheists, that reject their dogma, but an entire community. Is there a possibility that they’ll come to grasp that they’ve made an error in judgement? I doubt it.

There will come a time when the assaults will recede. When they’re no longer getting the press, when they see that the bastions will not fall, they’ll just move on to another target. Don’t let that become a signal of surrender. It’s not.

Continue to be a voice for reason, point out the perfidy of the radical feminists. No, they won’t just disappear, but the more people that understand the agenda, the less influence they’ll be able to wield in the future.

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