The Struggle Over Ideological Purity

Over the last few months there has been what appears to be an “awakening” of sorts. This awakening has to do with diversity, and the lack thereof. It’s not diversity in the sense of race or gender, but ideological.

For atheists, this is not a new phenomenon. In the last three years alone there have been calls for an ideological purge of those atheists that refuse to conform to social constructs that are believed by certain people to be “acceptable”. Those that refuse to observe this doctrine should not be welcome in the “atheist community”.

Of course, the immediate feedback was “nonsense”. And in the subsequent years atheists have been speaking and writing about the benefit of ideological diversity. Of course atheists, like others, don’t support racism or other forms of discrimination. There may be some out there as there are in society as a whole, but then atheism is not a club, where we can pick and choose who may or may not be a “member”.

The “battle” as seen by others, is for the social conscience of atheism. What these same fail to realize is that what they strive for, doesn’t exist. Atheism is purely the non-belief in god(s), and within that simple construct there are people with a myriad of ideological positions. All ideas (with the obvious exceptions of course) are considered, discussed, and even debated in an open, honest manner.

It would be great if society in general were this way. As many have learned recently, it’s not to be. Any deviation from certain acceptable social ideals have been met with derision and defamation.

In general, none of this is new to atheists as society views us to be untrustworthy, etc., and recently, those that demand purity have utilized the same tactics. Still, we go on. We still speak out and write about those that would have everyone fit within the box of their creation.

Atheists won’t and neither should anyone else allow others to police their speech or thought.

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