IGDA and Damage Control

It appears the IGDA came to it’s senses last evening and decided to not use the notorious “block blot” created by one Randi Harper.

I guess all-in-all, that was a wise decision. The question remains as to why the IGDA believed it was necessary to implement this list? Were there any incidents of harassment of developers? If so, the IGDA has never stated one way or the other.

I believe all that this has accomplished is to make this organization look ridiculous to it’s members and the public in general. It’s easy to jump on the harassment bandwagon, as many have in supporting the anti-GamerGate view. Many are ready to believe that GamerGate supporters have done nothing but harass and threaten women, when there’s no evidence at all to support those charges.

If there have been any threats or harassment, it’s actually come from the anti-GamerGate side, referring to women supporters as “stupid”, “sluts”, and “house n*****s”. There have been statements wishing all GamerGate supporters to die. Of course that’s not a “death threat”, unless of course it is directed the other way.

I believe the IGDA’s decision to implement in the first place was reactionary. The decision to not use the block bot is laudable, but is it too late to repair their reputation? Time will tell.

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