It’s Harassment to Attend a Conference Now

For some people, it’s all about the harassment of women. Even at so-called “skeptic” conferences, the theme seems to come back, time and again, to the poor women harassed online.

It’ really pitiful that wen at a skeptical conference (SkeptiCon 7), that should be promoting skepticism, that all some can discuss is the fact that there are “pro-harrassers” attending. Here’s a tweet from one of the speakers, apparently referring to two of the attendees, @D4M10N and @Birdterrifier:

What’s sad about this is that Damion actually congratulated her on her talk! Not enough I guess to keep from being referred to as a “pro-harasser”. These two being harassers? Far from it. In fact, both of these men have worked considerably to counteract just that. They’ve both been front-and-center in the schism to have people argue reasonably.

It’s pretty scary to me that when two guys I am familiar with that have never, that I know of, harassed anyone be referred to in that way. Sure, they’ve both disagreed with stances taken by some of these professional victims, but to call them harassers?

We all know though that is the Modus Operandi of this crowd. Dare to disagree, have the gall to present facts that dispute anything that is presented, and be classified as a harasser.

Of course, this doesn’t scare off anyone. In fact, if anything, this kid of reception/treatment encourages more people to speak out against these people that would shut down all disagreement with their agenda.

2 thoughts on “It’s Harassment to Attend a Conference Now

  1. I went back and watched that talk. While it was fairly bad, there were no mentions of any “pro-harassers” at the event itself. Probably what happened there was that Heina did not hear Amy correctly during the bit about which contributors to the harassment art show were in attendance.


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