Who’s Picking Up the Tab for Anita’s Security?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the egregious Nightline story that masked itself as journalism. There was something specific in that story I did want to cover, but because the post was specifically about how Nightline seemed to reenergize Gamergate, I didn’t want to muddy the water.

I’m referring specifically to the scene in which Anita Sarkeesian is met at an airport by police officers to safely escort her to whatever event she was attending. I haven’t seen others talking about that much with the exception of her smug attitude as she walks to the police SUV and climbs in.

The question I want to ask, since these are clearly public employees is this: Who’s paying for that special transport? Yes, those officers are being paid whether they are on their regular tour or not. If these officers are on their regular shift, then they are unavailable to assist the citizenry they are being paid to protect. If they are off tour, then they are being paid overtime at the least. But the question stands: Who is paying for their time? Is it the organizers of the venue or the taxpayers?

I believe that any decent reporter would have asked that question. Maybe it was asked then edited out of the story but I believe that’s something important for viewers to know. But then, based on the hack-job masquerading as news that was presented, I guess I’m not surprised.

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