Calling Someone ‘SJW’ is Misogynist

Well, I guess were not allowed to use “Social Justice Warrior” anymore because it’s specific to bullying women.

Reading this copy/paste blog post today, I found myself pretty much amazed that anyone would believe that using that phrase, or it’s acronym, “SJW” was specific to women only or similar to calling a woman a “cunt”.

I’ve actually seen SJW to include both men and women. It’s those people that argue in favor of “social justice” but those “arguments” are generally nothing more that slurs against other people.

Deciding that it’s now a specific slur toward women is, I think, disingenuous. Certainly women have been referred to as SJW’s, but there are plenty of men as well that make lousy, unreasoned, arguments and when they’re called out, they resort to all sorts of attacks.

Well, I’ll continue to use the term Social Justice Warrior as I please. It has nothing to do with the particular gender of anyone and to say anything else, well, it just continues to prove how far SJW’s will go to redefine terms to portray themselves as victims.

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