Atheist Ireland Dissociates from P.Z. Myers

If you haven’t read the post today from Atheist Ireland, you should.

It’s a very public rebuke of P.Z. Myers. I can’t wait to read the upcoming rage blogs in response. I’m certain they’ll be be written without resorting to any reason and prove Atheist Ireland’s point.


I was in a bit of a rush to get the word out about AI’s post. As it turns out, looking at my Twitter timeline, it’s now become viral.

This is long overdue in my opinion. If you notice the brunt of the article from Atheist Ireland is directed at Myers but there is this one small, almost innocuous sentence that says even more:

His blog network, FreeThought Blogs, has now refused for three months to even respond to repeated emails asking them to address a complaint about this issue.

Telling, I believe. I’ve been saying for a long time that eventually The Usual Suspects would marginalize themselves from organized atheism. This is a good beginning.

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