Will AI’s Post Receive a Response from Other Organizations?

I’ve been thinking a bit more about today’s bombshell post from Atheist Ireland, wondering if there might be any response from other atheist or skeptic organizations.

I noticed the parody Twitter account “FTBExecCommittee” addressed several individuals as well as organizations “supporting” P.Z. Myers. Of course, these tweets are meant to receive some sort of reaction from the above.

My first reaction is that no, there won’t be a direct response to the post. The dispute is between AI and Myers (and indirectly, FreeThought Blogs) really has nothing to do, directly, with these other individuals or organizations.

On second thought, I think there may be a response, nothing directly addressing what was posted by AI, but possibly statements condemning “harmful and hateful rhetoric” no matter where it originates.

Of course, statements to that end will never stop toxic discourse from anyone. It’s the individuals involved that must take personal responsibility in any dialogue to treat one another with courtesy.

Of course, it’s easy to be discourteous and even defaming online. The consequences are negligible. I often wonder how much negativity I’d hear about if the “conversations” were held face-to-face. It’s easy to be bold on the Internet; harder when you are addressing someone in person.

Then again, I doubt many that thrive on the click-bait of defamation and irresponsibility would ever walk away from the easy “gotcha” tactics of the keyboard and address their target in person.

2 thoughts on “Will AI’s Post Receive a Response from Other Organizations?

  1. I could imagine the sort of generic and indirect statements like you mentioned but not anything more direct that that. I don’t see any of the large organizations in the U.S. coming close to rebuking Myers. Many seem to have bought into his narrative. And those that haven’t know that he has far too many supporters who have shown a willingness to come after those with whom they disagree in messy public ways.


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