Atheist Leaders Support The Slymepit?

I saw this tweet earlier in my time line. No, I don’t follow this person, it was retweeted by someone else. (See below the fold.)

When I first read it, of course the question arose in my mind as to who these “Atheist Leaders (TM)” are she is referring to?

Unless I missed something, I haven’t seen anyone that I would describe as an “Atheist Leader” defending The Slymepit. Of course, this is a person that often accuses without evidence. All you have to do is peruse her blog over the past few years to realize that what I say here is true.

Of course, in the minds of some, like Ms. Watson, The Slymepit is a “hate site” or a “hate group” of some sort. Again, no evidence presented ever to validate either of these claims. Yes, The Slymepit is rude, sometimes juvenile in some of the mockery that is directed toward her and her associates, you know, The Usual Suspects, but it’s far from a hate site.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the vitriol and misrepresentation about people as I’ve seen from these. The Usual Suspects have started calling anyone that dares to disagree with a stated position as a “Slymepitter” whether they have proof of such association or not. It’s become a new slur for dissent of the True Way.

Notice how as time continues, these same people drive more and more of whatever support they garnered in the past, away from their “cause” because many do not wish to be associated with the low level of discourse utilized.

There is no reason that in the future, any of this will change. Just laugh and shake your head, like I do.

2 thoughts on “Atheist Leaders Support The Slymepit?

  1. It has to be a hate site. It criticizes and mocks them, after all. And since they are righteous, any group that criticizes or mocks them must be a hate site. I am starting to think it really might be this simple.


    • Sometimes, the commentary at the pit is over the top. That happens in a forum where there are few rules for posting. I have seen, in the past, where some have “crossed the line” others pile on and let the poster know what they’ve written is inappropriate.


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