No Good Reason to Expel the HoneyBadgers

There’s an excellent post out today concerning the CalgaryExpo debacle.

In case you’ve been off the net all weekend, the recap is that the “HoneyBadger Brigade” were expelled from the exposition for, well, I really can’t tell from anything I’ve read and reading the post referenced above, makes me even more suspicious of the organizers reasons.

Of course, there have been those that support the ban, you know, The Usual Suspects, but of course in both cases, it’s just an attempt to not only smear the HoneyBadgers, but also those that support GamerGate.(See here and here).

The information from these posts seems to primarily come from here. Not exactly what I’d refer to as unbiased “reporting”. I’m not surprised and neither should anyone else.

This is, in my opinion a fiasco for the organizers of the exposition but of course, in noting some of the negative feedback they’ve received have basically just doubled-down (sound familiar?).

It’s okay though, because they kept there exposition as safe space for everyone, didn’t they? (Click to enlarge)


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