CalgaryExpo Calls Police on HoneyBadgers

It now appears that earlier today, people from CalgaryExpo called the police on the HoneyBadgers for meeting in a park a few blocks from the exposition.

Yep, you heard that right…police showed up to ask what they were doing and informed them that they had received a call from the Expo.

Okay, let me try to understand what’s going on here. HoneyBadgers were expelled from the exposition. They meet in a park, not on the property where the exposition is being held, and someone from CalgaryExpo calls the police on them.

I’m actually wondering if there’s anymore that CalgaryExpo can do to make themselves look even worse over this debacle? Oh wait, there is.

Some Tweets from Rachel Edwards:

A photo of the police van:

And yes, apparently the officer told them it was the Expo that called:

UPDATE: Nearly 74,000 tweets using #CalgaryExpo. I wonder how many are “positive”?

3 thoughts on “CalgaryExpo Calls Police on HoneyBadgers

  1. Security staff were probably told to make the call. Call the cops on administrators for public mischief, since they knew no crime was being committed and no threat was being made.


  2. Is there an explanation other than that Calgary Expo security understands their evicting the Honey Badgers makes them look terrible, and that they were hoping a confrontation between the Badgers and police would ensue from this, making the Badgers look bad?

    If so, it’s a dangerous game. I’d like the Calgary police to follow up and insist on a full explanation for the call from Calgary Expo security.


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