Outing Violent Rhetoric


Based on my earlier post today, I had a few people inquire as to why I didn’t block the persons name and Twitter account. Let me explain.

Foremost, it’s an example of the violent rhetoric that anti-GamerGate people have been spewing since the inception of the GamerGate movement. Recall it wasn’t GamerGate supporters that referred to women supporting GamerGate as “house niggers”, or “sluts”. For SJW’s they seem to really be misogynist, don’t they?

Next, people need to be called out for their their vicious statements on Twitter. When anyone wants to kill, rape, burn down, piss on anyone because that person or group happens to disagree? They should be immediately called out. It doesn’t matter which side of GamerGate they’re on, in either case, call the person out, point out their overt sexism, racism, and violent tendencies. Make them run for cover. As this woman did.

As I understand it, not only did this woman delete her tweet, but deleted her account and flushed the cache to make sure no one would see anything else she had tweeted. That’s what vile people do: hide from the consequences of their words.

I don’t mind disagreement, discussion, or debate. In fact, I welcome those that would challenge my ideas. We can all learn from one another. Many of those that I follow on Twitter are polar opposites to me politically. So what? I’ve learned. In some instances, I’ve actually changed my view on some topic of debate. That’s what people do that are not so hardened into their ideology that they are unable to consider another point of view.

But finally, getting back to the primary reason I am writing this, I exposed this person simply for being stupid. Yes, that’s right, stupid. How can you not realize that when you tweet something out to millions (billions?) of people that someone might notice that your hateful bigotry and expose you for what you are.

I don’t “feel” bad about doing this. In fact, I will continue to point out anyone that exhibits this online behavior.

The Internet is not what most people believe. It’s not anonymous, it’s not there to protect anyone from their stupidity, hate, and bigotry. It’s simply a method of communication. It just happens to expose some for who they really are.

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