Atheism: A Members Only Club?

I read two great blogposts today, one by vjack here, the other, later in the day, by Damion, here.

Both, in my opinion raise interesting questions on what it means to be an atheist and is it necessary to be a “Social Justice” advocate to be an atheist as well as who decides who’s good enough?

One thought on “Atheism: A Members Only Club?

  1. There’s no way anyone can “speak for atheism” by definition, each individual can only speak for themselves, you can’t become the mouthpiece for a concept or a word. It’s just one more example of people who are desperately trying to shovel every single social, economic and political position they hold under a single label and saying “absolutely everything that I am, every position I hold, is this!”

    Of course that’s ridiculous, that’s why I pretty much ignore the SJWs, they’re totally out of touch with anything remotely resembling reality.


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