Josh Whedon Quits Twitter…Why?

So as everyone knows, the famed writer/director Joss Whedon abruptly deleted his Twitter account recently. Speculation ran amok as to why, the leading being he was “driven off” by angry feminists. In a Buzzfeed interview, he called that “bullshit”. But still, his reason doesn’t really seem to make sense – at least to me.

One thought on “Josh Whedon Quits Twitter…Why?

  1. Maybe he decided that Twitter would never be worthwhile again? I’ve come to that conclusion, while I still automatically post blog posts to Twitter, I haven’t opened the application for more than a year, I don’t think, and have no interest in ever doing it again. I find no value in Twitter. My accounts sit around being automated posting machines but I neither read, nor write anything specifically for Twitter, any more than I write anything for Facebook. I find both a complete waste of time and have no hope that either will ever become worthwhile.


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