A Progressive Missing the Point

There are instances when I cannot help myself and just facepalm when I hear someone make a totally specious argument. Of course, what would I expect from a Social Justice Warrior?

I’m referring to the below video where the host attempts to deconstruct a segment on FNC’s Outnumbered show where, in the segment, they were discussing the controversy _of a newly hired black professor at Boston University and what could be considered racist tweets about whites.

I honestly couldn’t listen to the entire screed, since is argument begins with _white advocacy groups like the KKK and neo-Nazi’s. Really? How about his next assertion of people complaining about Black Entertainment Television (BET) in that there was no white equivalent? Again. Really? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone complaining about not having a “White” channel. Of course, his point is that TV generally is oriented toward white people.

He’s missed the point of the segment though, which was, if this had been a white professor tweeting about blacks, would there be any fallout? Of course, the consensus on the show was yes, there would. And they’re exactly right. The left would be pulling their hair out demanding that person’s dismissal.

But then, why deal with the actual subject when you can spend 8 minutes demonizing people?

One thought on “A Progressive Missing the Point

  1. Only had the “spoons” (and time) to watch the first minute or so, but the question of the hour (the minute) seemed to be whether it was a question of free speech or of racism. And, from the prof’s tweets, it seems rather clear that they were in fact racist and/or bigoted. Which she of course has the right to express.

    The question seems to be whether the University should be firing her ass into the next county. While I think that might be a bit extreme, some disciplinary action – fine and/or apology – would seem to be appropriate. Particularly in light of the recent case of some white high-school teacher joking (?) with a black student by using the phrase (I think), “my niggah”.


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