Why Are Most Atheists Liberal/Progressive?

I’m sometimes asked how I can be a conservative atheist in a world where most atheists are liveral or progressive. It’s easy: All I did was come to the conclusion that it was improbable any gods exist at all. nothing else changed with me. As a conservative, I’ve been pro choice forever, even though personally, I am against abortion (I think the government should not be involved in personal decisions like this), the sme with same sex marriage. Remember when the world was going to come to an end when SCOTUS came down on the side of sme sex marriage? It’s 2020 (5 years later) and we’re still here. I supported this for the same reason I supported a woman’s right to choose. That’s actually a conservative stance: government should not be interfering in our personal choices as long as those choices do not cause harm to ourselves or to others.

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Walking Back Stupid



I think this happens to everyone at one time or another: being in a conversation or an online dialogue with someone that, no matter what is said, evidence presented, will not concede that they may be wrong. In fact, it often happens that the person will double-down, and that will usually end any attempt to resolve whatever the issue was to begin with, No one’s perfect and we can all find ourselves being unable to climb out of a hole we ourselves have dug. For some reason, it seems to be easier to keep digging than just to admit to being in error.

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The 60% Solution

political divide

On occasion here, I write about politics. Rarely, but I do. This blog is more about atheism and skepticism than anything else but events occur that, as a blogger I don’t believe I should ignore. None of us that blog should. Whether it’s generic political, or terrorism, or maybe just something we’re interested in, we should never feel that we have to write on only a single topic.

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