Who Speaks For GamerGate?

As almost everyone knows, the Society of Professional Journalists will be having a regional meeting in Florida this August and want to discuss GamerGate.

Specifically, it appears they want to discuss how GamerGate supporters have been portrayed in the media and have set up a committee to choose speakers from both sides of this rift.

I honestly like the idea, because I believe it may put to rest some of the vitriol that’s been unfairly directed at supporters. The panel will give a chance for everyone to express themselves and possibly clear the air as to what the goals are of GamerGate.

It’s never been about marginalizing minorities and women. I really have no idea how that crept into the debate other than some far-left, neo-feminists attempting to get attention and create a issue where it’s been proven over and over since the inception, doesn’t and never has existed.

I’m hoping whomever is chosen to attend can and will represent GamerGate properly. It shouldn’t be about tu quoque and I hope that those attending won’t resport to that fallacy. It’s about being honest and not about winning or losing the debate.

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