Setting The Record Straight


My colleague here at Skeptic-Schism wrote an interesting piece today concerning the upcoming Airplay event hosted by the Society for Professional Journalists. His post is focused on ensuring that that those chosen to represent anti-GamerGate do not attempt to derail the debate utilizing tactics we atheists have experienced in the past in an attempt to heal the rift that has been ongoing amongst atheists now for several years.

Although I sympathize and in general agree with his perspective, believe it’s more important for GamerGate to have representatives that are able to argue the pro-GamerGate position rationally, with evidence. I wrote a short post about this 2 days ago.

It really doesn’t matter who represents the other side, at least it shouldn’t to GamerGate. I don’t believe that anyone chosen to speak for the anti-GamerGate side will contribute anything substantive to the discussion. As my colleague wrote about the attempt for diaglogue within atheism, the other side had no real intention for an open, honest discussion about the issues. This is what I see forthcoming in the SPJ event. The anti-GamerGate side will rant on about sexism, misogyny, racism, and exclusion in gaming. That’s been their mantra for months now, and I don’t see it wavering in the next 3 months. If anything, I expect the hyperbole to increase right before the event.

My only concern would be the moderators, the journalists in attendance. Will they be dispassionate and listen to both sides or, as we’ve all seen in the last months, take one side over the other? That panel needs to be as balanced as possible. Ideally, those moderators would be people who’ve not expressed an opinion one way or the other and will challenge both sides, I do not know if there are any journalists who came meet my expectations. Hope springs eternal.

As I said the other day, this shouldn’t be about who wins or loses the debate. That’s inconsequential because both sides will attempt to spin themselves as winners. What this should be about, from the point of view of GamerGate, is setting the record straight.

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