#RedditRevolt – A Flash in the Pan?

It looks like that the number of users moving from Reddit is not the only problem Voat has had in recent days. As most already know, the company has come under sustained DDos attacks which has taken the site down for hours at a time. I hope that the new users and those considering moving to Voat, will not become discouraged by recent events. Here’s a brief account from The Independent on the recent struggles.

As the story denotes, Voat managment was surprised at the number of new users and that they were admittedly unprepared for the influx. It looks like from an announcement they are fervently working to secure and stablize the platform. Good.

I wondered in a earlier post whether or not the new, trending hashtag on Twitter would sustain or be a flash-in-the pan. I wrote the following:

My guess? This kerfuffle will blow over in a short time. There will be a lot of shouting and hand-waving and then people will decide it’s not worth their time. This isn’t GamerGate.

Was I correct? Let’s view how #RedditRevolt has trended on Topsy:

Have people given up simply due to the current technical difficulties or have they decided that they’ve done their part, made their statement, and decided they would be able to live with whatever restrictions are placed on them by Reddit?

Hopefully, as the Voat platform is stabilized, people will determine that they prefer to not have the purveyors of social justice decide for them what is acceptable language; what the definition of “harassment” is.

2 thoughts on “#RedditRevolt – A Flash in the Pan?

  1. I’ve spent quite a bit of time at voat over the past week. Too much time because there are other things I really should be doing instead. There’s a lot to like about it, but it has one fairly serious problem: there’s nobody there. It reminds me of Google+ in a sense. Google+ is vastly superior to Facebook in every way except for one thing: everybody is on Facebook. Same scenario with Reddit. Most of the subverses that sound interesting at voat are dead. Meanwhile, their Reddit counterparts are going strong. If the people coming to voat are looking for lots of interaction with others, they won’t stick around long.


    • I haven’t posted much there. I linked to another one of my blogs in the “Gamergate” subverse today but then, I am new to this format and I just see it as taking me some time to find out what I’m really interested in viewing/posting on. I don’t think that Voat will become the new Reddit by any stretch of the imagination, but I hope that it becomes, at some level, competition as Reddit users become disaffected with the implementation of “social policies”.


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